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  • New vehicles
  • Dent removal vehicles
  • General auto detailing
  • Used vehicles / Ex demo
  • Other services

New vehicles

Services provided for new vehicles:

Car detailing before delivery, inside and outside, engine and trunk

Showroom preparation


Repaired vehicles

Services provided for repaired vehicles:

Interior and exterior

Exterior only

General auto detailing

Services provided for general auto detailing:

Interior and exterior for demonstrators

Service vehicles and courtesy vehicles

Internal client vehicles

Internal client trucks

Used vehicles / Ex demo

Services provided for Used vehicles / Ex demo:

Interior and exterior, engine and waxing

Paint polish and sheen

Other services

Services offered:

Paint protection

Fabric protection

Rustproofing, degreasing included

Complete waxing

Degreaser application and washing

Exterior plastic removal

Marking, complete Sherlock service


With more than 20 years in the field of outsourcing automotive aesthetics for dealers. We offer a quality service, available year-round and on site at your premises


We consider it a privilege to serve you and are committed to earning your trust. Thanks to our team, you eliminate all your car detailing and aesthetics problems.

Are you a dealer?
We would love to be part of your auto aesthetics camp. Let's talk about how we can take your auto detailing service to the next level!